Yuri Kläfiger

Master student in the group of Walter Salzburger.

Current research

During my Master thesis I focused on the evolutionary significance of egg-spots in cichlid fishes, conspicuously coloured spots on male anal fins. They are a specific structure prominently present in the group that contains most cichlid-species, the Haplochromines, and are thought to play a role in the mate choice of these mouthbrooders. Starting from a behavioural point of view, I designed mate choice trials to unravel the importance of eggspots for female mate choice.
In addition to evolutionary questions, I am interested in natural protection and biodiversity assessment: I focus on local freshwater fauna using genetic and molecular methods.

...what else?

Whenever there is the opportunity I enjoy going to a good concert with friends, otherwise we wake up the neighbours ourselves, playing instruments. Furthermore I organise a movie night sometimes and I try to draw, do some sports and catch a plane to …

Curriculum vitae