Virginie Ricci

Current research

During my PhD, I will look into the genomic basis underlying the cichlid diversity of the Lake Tanganyika at both species and tribes level. The first project will be to identify and compare Transposable Elements (TEs) among cichlid species. The second project will be to investigate genomic evolution in terms of divergence and convergence within cichlids of African lakes and with their ecomorphologically most comparable marine coral reef fish species.

Curriculum vitae

2018 -

PhD candidate : University of Basel : Prof. Walter Salzburger Lab, Zoological Institute (UNIBAS, Switzerland)

2016 - 2018

Master degree in Molecular Life Science with specialization in Bioinformatics : University of Lausanne (UNIL, Switzerland)

2012 - 2016

Bachelor degree in Biology : University of Lausanne (UNIL, Switzerland)